Marley's Sliders Lindon

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555 S Geneva Rd
Lindon, Utah 84042

Interview from Preston
On a scale of 1-10 rate your overall opinion of this restaurant:
Preston: 8

What was the best thing you ate?
Preston: This is a slider joint (mini hamburgers). It is located inside of a Harley dealership which is funny to me because all of the food comes in packaging that seems dainty (for lack of a better word). The best thing I've had is the filet mignon slider. I usually don't get that (I think it's $6 for one instead of $2.50 for a regular one), but if you're in the mood to splurge I recommend it. Most people are going to need two sliders and a lot of guys I know eat three or even four. One thing you should be aware of is that you can order a regular slider and put a lot of free toppings on it which are really good. I highly recommend their hot sauce on your slider. Their fries are delicious - they are little and a little bit crunchy.

What was the worst thing you ate?
Preston: When I first started going I always got the Handsome Rob because it just seemed easier to order a premium slider that already had a lot of toppings on it. I've since started just customizing a free burger and I like it a lot better. Most people I go here with prefer just customizing a plain one after they try it a few times. The hot dog slider is actually surprisingly good - I would recommend trying it.

How was the service?
Preston: The service here has always been really good. One time I went with my son but didn't order him a kid's meal because he was sharing with me (I never eat all my fries and knew he wouldn't want more than a bite of a slider). They still brought him out a toy which as far as fast food toys goes is one of the best I've seen - it's a little pig on a motorcycle that you can pull back on and will shoot across the floor. It's one of the few fast food toys that he still has and plays with weeks later.

Would you go back?
Preston: Yes, I definitely will. For a burger it is a bit on the pricey side but I like the environment, the food and the whole family can agree on it. I also like the location since it's right off the freeway. They have signage up showing fresh cinnamon rolls that I would like to go try sometime in the morning.