Yamato Orem

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1074 South State Street
Orem, Utah 84057

Interview from Preston
On a scale of 1-10 rate your overall opinion of this restaurant:
Preston: 9

What was the best thing you ate?
Preston: Korean barbecue! Reading reviews on other sites people only talk about their sushi (which we tried and was pretty good), but the Korean BBQ was amazing! They even have the little barbecue grills at some of the tables so you can cook it yourself. It was an awesome experience. I recommend the Bul Go Gi ($11.95), Dae Ji Bul Go GI ($10.95) and Gal Bi ($12.95). Actually those are the only ones I tried but I recommend all of them. Gal Bi are short ribs and Dae Ji was pork with a nice spice. Bul Go Gi is beef with a really good seasoning.

What was the worst thing you ate?
Preston: The only two things that didn't blow me away were the miso soup and the California roll. I can't complain too much about the Miso because it was free but it was cold. It also tasted a little salty but I didn't really eat enough of it to know for sure. The California roll was made with fake crab meat (krab) but finding real crab meat in a California roll can be tough anyway.

How was the service?
Preston: If you're going to Yamato you should not plan on a quick meal. I see this as being a positive but if you aren't prepared for it you might be frustrated by the slow service. This is a dining experience - they bring free appetizers, gave us free ice cream, did everything they could to make our kids happy; enjoy it, it's not common in the US. From the time we walked in the door to the time we walked out 2.5 hours had elapsed. We had four adults and two kids, ordered way more food than we could possibly have eaten and still only had a bill for $60.

Would you go back?
Preston: This is a diamond in the rough. I will make this place a regular spot when I want really good food, a great price and great service.